T. Davlin utilizes modern computer CAD programs and machines  to fabricate our work.  Like a sculptor, digital fabrication tools work either by subtracting material (CNC and laser cutting) or by adding material (3D printing). Digital fabrication is being used throughout architecture in the work of modern architecture and design.  In our shop we have many of these tools including cnc cutters, a 50,000 psi Waterjet cutter which is the core of our business, as well as several workstations. Our Organic Collection  pushes the boundary of mosaics by creating custom bespoke designs which are custom designed to fill a space. These mosaics go beyond the repetitive nature of many mosaics and treat the entire wall or floor space as a canvas to fill with a unitary design.   Our digital department is led by Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo. Jose is a professor at the Harvard GSD and we are grateful to have his genius here.   A typical custom job is shown below and starts with customers describing the space they wish to tile. Next , we develop several concepts based on this input.  Custom algorithms are created In order to realize the design intent.  These mosaics are unique and we are the first mosaic company to bring these techniques direct to consumer. This is another example where it's useful to communicate directly with the consumer snd design community; because our mosaics are made here in the US we are able to offer this service.   Are you interested in a custom bespoke mosaic?  If so contact us and let us know what your looking for.  We are here to help and make your dreams into beautiful mosaics to make your space unique.