Digital Design


We utilize modern day CAD programs and machines to fabricate our work. Similar to a sculptor, digital fabrication tools work either by subtracting material (CNC/laser cutting), or by adding material (3D printing). Our studio is equipped with state of the art laser cutters and a Waterjet cutter, which has become the core of our business. These machines allow us to have complete customization abilities with our work. 


How it Works

Our customization abilities are endless! The process starts with a customer contacting us and describing the space they wish to tile. 

Next, we develop several concepts based on this input. We create custom computer algorithms in order to design work accurately for the customer's space needs. 

All our mosaics and custom designed work is completely unique, and we are the first mosaic company to bring these techniques direct to the customer.  We find this method to be the best way to communicate effectively with the customer and ensure that we, as the designer, create exactly what the customer is looking for, every time. All our mosaics are handmade right in the US, at our Billerica, MA studio. 

Our Digital Mosaic is just one example of our custom bespoke designs. These designs are custom built to fill a specific space, and no two are alike. These mosaics go beyond the repetitive nature of many mosaics and treat the entire wall or floor space as a canvas to fill with a unitary design.   


Interested in working with T Davlin for your custom tile needs? 

We are here to help and make your dreams into beautiful mosaics to make your space unique! Contact us today to start planning your vision!


Example of a custom designed mosaic with rose gold glass tile, created by T Davlin Studio